Paola Venturi became passionate about the footwear universe in the 90s, working alongside the master Sergio Rossi for a long time.
After significant experiences as a senior designer in the United States, she became creative director at Via Spiga in 2011: the first female vision to successfully direct the brand.
As shoe designer coordinator Paola then worked next to two women who both,
in different ways, have enriched her aesthetics and animated her creativity: Kate Spade and Miuccia Prada.
With the former Paola founded the brand Frances Valentine in 2014.
In 2021 she decided to embark on a new aesthetic inner journey, rich of emotional expression. Fashion as a decoration of the soul.



Change without changing yourself, keeping your essence. Beauty (understood as kalokagathìa, a beauty of harmony) is like a symbol, it unites what is different. It opens up to space and infinite time, it is by nature mysterious, enigmatic, erotic, voluptuous.

Through this beauty the encounter between male and female, visible and invisible, is manifested: it is the enchantment of unity in multiplicity.

Paola Venturi Collections offers a new way of communicating the men and woman language, an innovative vocabulary, through the creation of accessories inspired by iconic figures from different eras, who have changed the intellectual and aesthetic world around them.


Paola Venturi creations speak of a feminine essence that communicates to spiritually cultured women in search of poetry.

Paola Venturi collections transcend time and current trends.

Emotions, eroticism and aesthetics are the effects of a single drive that flows immediately from the soul.


The “PV” man draws, rearranges and creates the result. Happy and wise, he knows who and what he is, so he chooses what he is for himself.

He has the completeness between being and having. “Venturi” and its etymology, destiny and fate considered in their inevitable occurrence, becomes the engine of this man, guide of an intellectual action, knowing the means and rhythms of pleasure.

He is proud, has a style and an ethics, a superior knowledge. He plans and works, always getting a result.